‘My Whole Life Is On Hold’: As Walmart Eliminates Greeters, A Dream In Limbo – NPR

In February, Justin Kelley was among the workers at about 1,000 Walmarts who learned that their jobs as people greeters would be eliminated. Like Kelley, many of them were workers with disabilities who found themselves in limbo.

Alina Selyukh/NPR

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Alina Selyukh/NPR

In February, Justin Kelley was among the workers at about 1,000 Walmarts who learned that their jobs as people greeters would be eliminated. Like Kelley, many of them were workers with disabilities who found themselves in limbo.

Alina Selyukh/NPR

One weekend in February, Justin Kelley, 33, made the biggest financial commitment of his life. He paid a friend to start custom-building an airboat. He had dreamed of owning one since an early age.

“That’s my level playing ground. It’s my freedom,” Kelley says. Onshore, he uses a walker to get around and a wheelchair at work, because he has cerebral palsy. But on an airboat on a Florida lake? “To me it’s the one place that, when I’m in that seat, you don’t see that walker. You don’t see the chair. … It’s my escape. It’s my happy place.”

But two days after putting down money for the boat, Kelley found out his job was in jeopardy. He was one of the greeters at about 1,000 Walmart stores who were told their positions would be eliminated in late April. That gave them about 60 days to get reassigned or take severance and leave.

“My whole life is on hold,” Kelley says, sitting on the wooden steps to his house in Lake Wales, Fla. “Everything I’ve worked for is at a standstill.”

Walmart Is Eliminating Greeters. Workers With Disabilities Feel Targeted

Walmart Chief Responds To Furor Over Treatment Of Greeters With Disabilities

Since 2016, Walmart has been replacing greeters with “hosts,” more focused on security and assisting shoppers. But for current greeters like Kelley to qualify for the new front-door jobs, they now must meet new criteria. That includes, for example, lifting 25 pounds or climbing a ladder.

One, two, three — Kelley counts more than a half-dozen surgery scars on his legs — hamstring, ankle, “they shattered my shin to try to straighten that foot,” he says, matter-of-factly. He can lift and climb, if he has to, in a private setting, adjusting his body. But doing this regularly and safely for work? Kelley doesn’t qualify.

According to Walmart, the majority of greeters who “expressed interest in another role” will transition to new positions within those 60 days. “In some cases, we were able to identify roles very early in the process,” spokesman Kory Lundberg says, “but for others the 60-day transition has helped people look at all of their options to help them make the best decision for them.” (Note: Walmart is one of NPR’s financial sponsors.)

As Kelley sits on his porch, it’s Day 49 of his wait for a call from HR. He says he has a great manager, who is fighting to find him a new position. But Kelley also has someone who wants to buy his boat.

“So do I start selling my stuff that I just bought?” Kelley says. Selling the boat would float him for a while. But he spent five years saving up for it. “Do I take my dream right now and just go buy for-sale signs? What do I do?”

Kelley’s predicament will sound familiar to other greeters with disabilities. In recent weeks, a dozen workers and their families shared similar accounts — of uncertainty, hope and the anxiety of waiting for a corporate decision. Kelley doesn’t know that as he speaks, his fate has actually already been decided. He will know it in a matter of hours.

A day in the life

Airboating is big in Central Florida, where citrus groves are webbed with lakes and swamps. These boats are flat, with a giant propeller in the back and usually an airplane engine. They can run on shallow water and even patches of dry land in the marshes.

Kelley has been enamored with airboats since he was a teenager, going fishing, hunting, just cruising. Of all the sounds in the world, the boat’s roar is one that calms him down. Around here, you could ride for hours, even days, and never hit the same spot twice, Kelley says. “We can go see water buffalo, axis deer, turkey, hog, gator. Just pure God’s country.”

Growing up, Kelley says, he often felt that people thought his parents were mean for how they pushed him to be self-sufficient. Like if you can’t climb into a truck yourself, you can’t go on a trip. Now, he says, he thanks them for that all the time.

“Everything I’ve worked for is at a standstill,” Kelley said.

Alina Selyukh/NPR

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Alina Selyukh/NPR

“Everything I’ve worked for is at a standstill,” Kelley said.

Alina Selyukh/NPR

In fact, he spends so much time outdoors and on the town, he says he goes through walkers “like they’re going out of style” — three times faster than he is prescribed new ones.

“Luckily for me, most of my friends are welders, so we’ll fix it, rig it to work,” he says. “Or my mom and dad, that’ll be my Christmas present … a walker.”

Today, he is climbing into the passenger seat of a sedan in his sandy driveway. A friend is driving him to work — Kelley’s Walmart is almost 9 miles away, and Kelley doesn’t live near public transportation. So he stitches together rides from friends and $12 Ubers, getting ready hours in advance in case a ride falls through and the closest Uber is 20 minutes away.

“It’s not like my life goal [is] to live off a disability check. I don’t want housing; I don’t want free medical stuff. I want to be able to say I paid for all that myself,” Kelley says. His dream is classic: stable work, a house, wife and kids, a couple of acres with a barn for his boat.

After some false starts at other jobs after high school, Kelley spent a year looking for work before getting hired at Walmart. He has been there nine years.

“For me to say that I work for a company [where] I got a 401(k), I got a chance to get insurance, that meant a lot to me,” Kelley says. “I take a lot of pride in that.”

Finally, news

At the store where he works, every other shopper seems to know Kelley by name. On the way in, people stop to chat about fishing, weekend plans, kids and of course boats. On the way out, they have their receipts ready for Kelley to check. Shoppers keep greeting him even after he clocks out and waits outside for an Uber home.

“I love him to death; he’s a good guy,” says Ronald Smith, who came by to get medicine for his wife. “Even if you came there with an attitude, you start off with a good vibe right then — that’s my friend, I’m going to have a good time shopping.”

Every day he’s in, Kelley asks his bosses if they have heard about his job from corporate. On most days, they haven’t. But on Day 49 of his wait, they do have news. And it’s good.

Walmart is reassigning Kelley. Like many other greeters with disabilities, Kelley will now help shoppers in the self-checkout area.

Lundberg, the Walmart spokesman, says, that overall, “greeters have accepted jobs in nearly 50 different roles in stores, from the new customer host position to cake decorator.” He says the purpose of the 60-day process was to give workers and stores time to review all options and needed accommodations and find the best fit “in an effort to better serve the customer.”

Kelley signed his offer on the spot.

“He came in last night, he was so happy,” says Haley Seagraves, whose family shares a house with Kelley. Her husband and Kelley became best friends after meeting through Walmart. “[Kelley] kept smiling, and I said, ‘Why are you so happy?’ And he was like, ‘Because I love this job!’ “

Kelley is excited for stability. Though he is also already worrying about lining up rides for a new schedule. But he is grateful.

“Big weight lifted off my shoulders,” he says, and laughs. “There ain’t no boat for sale no more, that’s for sure.”

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McDonald’s is partnering with AARP to hire older employees – CNN

New York (CNN Business)Unemployment is historically low, so McDonald’s is targeting a new employee demographic: Older Americans.

The fast food chain said on Wednesday that it is partnering with AARP, a nonprofit interest group for aging Americans, to help attract workers who are aged fifty or above. That demographic makes up just 11% of the workforce at corporate-owned stores, according to the company.
McDonald’s (MCD) hopes that the new recruitment tactic will attract workers for breakfast and lunch shifts, in particular. Now, McDonald’s tends to attract younger workers who either can’t work mornings because of school, or prefer not to start early in the day. Hiring older workers is also a way to attract talent as US unemployment, now at 3.8%, hovers near all-time lows.
McDonald’s has posted positions to its AARP site. The AARP Foundation is helping match candidates with open jobs at McDonald’s through its Senior Community Service Employment Program, which helps low-income, unemployed people aged 55 and older find work, and through its Back to Work 50+, which also helps older job seekers. The process is being piloted in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and North Carolina, with a national rollout planned for this summer. McDonald’s would like to fill 250,000 jobs.
For the company, the program is also a way to boost diversity, said Melissa Kersey, McDonald’s US Chief People Officer.
“Having a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to success of business,” she told CNN Business. “We believe age is also an important part of that.”
With the labor market so tight, fast food chains have been getting creative in their attempts to attract workers. Earlier this month, Taco Bell announced that it would host nearly 600 “hiring parties” with free food, swag and Instagram-friendly photo props to help fill thousands of open jobs. The parties are planned for this week.
Companies may also be particularly interested in hiring older workers.
Susan Weinstock, vice president of financial resiliency programming at AARP, told CNN Business that about 1,000 companies including McDonald’s have signed AARP’s employer pledge program, which requires signatories to publicly state that they “recognize the value of experienced workers” and “recruit across diverse age groups.” Major employers like Google (GOOGL), CVS (CVS), Macy’s (M) and others have signed the pledge.
“Over the last couple of years we’ve seen an acceleration of companies signing,” Weinstock said. “I think the word is getting out about the quality of older worker,” she added. “There’s also a labor shortage, and so this is an opportunity for employers.”
McDonald’s plans to encourage members of other demographics to apply using different recruitment tactics moving forward, Kersey said.

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Verizon will directly sell YouTube TV to its mobile and Fios customers – The Verge

In lieu of building out its own full-blown streaming TV subscription service, Verizon is instead putting its weight behind YouTube TV. On Tuesday, the company confirmed that it plans to directly offer YouTube TV to both its broadband and mobile customers. For now, there are zero details on exactly when Verizon will begin selling YouTube TV subscriptions or whether its customers can expect a discount versus just paying for it alone. Verizon says there will be promotions for its customers, but I expect those will require a bigger bundle with either Fios or a smartphone plan. Verizon will also promote YouTube TV as part of the arrangement.

Verizon has partnered with popular streaming apps before. Some of its unlimited mobile data plans include a free Apple Music membership. And Fios customers can redeem a year of free Netflix right now, for example — if they’ll sign a two-year agreement. The extremely small number of people with Verizon 5G Home broadband have already been able to receive YouTube TV as part of their service.

YouTube TV just hiked its base subscription price to $50 with the addition of Discovery networks, and the move has left some users frustrated and wondering if it’s still worth keeping over traditional cable. Having more exposure via Verizon might help counteract any cancellations over the more expensive monthly fee. And it gives Verizon an answer to the DirecTV Now and WatchTV services owned and promoted by rival AT&T.

“YouTube TV has become known for its best-in-class user experience that enhances the way users watch live TV today,” said Heather Rivera, YouTube’s global head of product partnerships. “With this partnership, we’re making it simple and seamless for Verizon’s customers to sign up to enjoy YouTube TV on-the-go on their mobile phones or tablets or at home on their big screen devices.”

“As we pave the path forward on 5G, we’ll continue to bring our customers options and access to premium content by teaming up with the best providers in the industry and leveraging our network as a service strategy,” said Verizon’s Erin McPherson, head of content strategy and acquisitions. “We were first in the world to bring commercial 5G to our customers and now another first on the content front as we offer our customers access to YouTube TV on whatever platform they choose.”

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SiriusXM debuts new streaming only plan – Brooklyn Vegan

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DATE LAST MODIFIED: December 14, 2018

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